About Us

About Nora Int Schools
  • The Core of Nora International Schools

    • Academic Excellence

    Academic excellence is achieved through our professional Staff who have wide experience in teaching the American curriculum. Qualified teaching staff work hand in hand to guide students to achieve the best educational outcomes. Using  a strong and rich curriculum, teachers guide students as independent learners to enhance their learning and understanding .We use multiple tools of assessments to help students achieve the best results and help them achieve the best progress. In Nora international schools, everyone is achieving progress and no one is lagging behind.

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  • • Values & Ethics

    We believe that academic excellence can not go without the cores of our Arabic culture and Islamic values. Our school system stresses on mutual respect, discipline, respect  accepting diversify, considering different learning styles and different thinking preferences. Students work in pairs or teams and teachers guide them to be positive, considerate  and active team players. We have no segregation based on religion or nationality; we are all one community and one team.

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  • • Activities

    In Nora International school we believe in a whole child development which cannot be achieved through curriculum only, but it has to include the physical, spiritual , mental and emotional aspects of the learners. Through the multiple activities we offer in Nora international school students can grow balanced personalities and can experience mental activities, sports, exploration ,role play, camps and many other curricular and extracurricular activities.

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